The True Meaning of Gau Mata and Gau Seva in India

The Gua Mata is a famous phrase in India.  The people in large numbers attached to the term ‘Gau Mata’ and pay reverence to it. So you must know the meaning of Gau Mata.

      The Definition of Gau Mata and Gau Seva:

 What is Mata?

Mata is a Sanskrit word.   The etymological meaning of Mata is MA+AT+AA= MATA. Here, MA means ‘Ego.’ When we aid AT((aavr), it becomes Mahat.  Mahat refers to great. It means MATA (Mother). Mother’s heart is so deep that she accommodates several children with equal love and affection. For example, a Fruit Tree gives plenty of fruits. It is laden with thousands of fruits. However, it never feels a burden.

What is GAU?

The etymological meaning of GAU is GA +A+UAH+O is GAU.  O (vks) is here (aavo;;). It is an immutable adjective. Time does not affect it.

  The meaning of GA(x) is to move on or march on.  The A (v) is endurance.  UAH (aaÅg)   means to move ahead without interruption while performing work. The true meaning of Gau is to move without interruption taking endurance, simultaneously accomplishing duty or action.

Generally, we notice all the living beings move ahead in this universe with a pause. They can’t move without taking a rest.  They stop for a moment and again start their journey.  There is one entity that is The Earth. The Earth never takes rest. It moves on without any interruption while serving, preserving, and protecting flora and fauna and all life on Earth. It moves with pauseless speed towards Parampurush (God).  So, we address Earth as Gau Mata.

 What is Seva(service)?

Seva is one of the biggest selfless acts.  In Seva, you give everything and take nothing in return. We call this sacrifice Seva.

In a true sense,    we call GAU MATA to mother Earth, and it is our bounden duty to serve Mother Earth is Gau Seva.

Puranas Describes Earth(Prithvi) as Gau Mata.

The author of  Puranas has accepted that  Earth ( Prithvi) is  Gau Mata.  Gau Mata is also a symbol of devotion. Puranas also describes that all gods, goddesses, all living beings exist on Gau Mata.

In the current phase, a few religious leaders diverted the meaning of Gau Mata. They replaced it with a cow.  They made the public believe  GAU MATA as a cow which has no connection with the true meaning of GAU MATA.

Selfish Religious Leaders have written scriptures concealing its real idea and asked the people to serve only cows.  They also asked the people to render services to the cows with certain paraphernalia such as flowers, sandal-wood paste, and incense stick. Is it a service to GAU MATA?

In reality, we must serve all the living beings of Mother Earth (GAU MATA). Only rendering services to the cows is not the purpose of serving GAU MATA.  When we render services to all the living being on Mother Earth is in true sense GAU SEVA to GAU MATA. So, we ought to serve Mother Earth (Gau Mata).

In this regard, Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi allocated 500 crore rupees for the progression and conservation of economically-valued animals in the year 2019 under the Rashtriya Kamdhenu scheme. It is an appreciable step towards Mother Earth.

 In Summary:

 The whole world is passing through a phase of global warming and climate change. In these circumstances, many living creatures are on the path of getting extinct from their Mother Earth (GAU MATA). Is it not a disastrous scenario? All living being has their birthright to live on happily at the lap of the Mother Earth. No one has the right to snatch away their fundamental rights. Human beings’ moral responsibility, being the highest developed, is to serve, preserve, and protect all life on Mother Earth. Then only we can say it is an authentic Gau Mata Seva.

Frequent Ask Question:

  1. Why is Gau Mata Seva necessary?

Ans:  Gau Mata is Mother Earth. Nowadays, the entire world confronts either human-created or natural calamities.  Subsequently, we face the drinking water crisis, global warming, climate change, earthquake, pandemics, and tsunami. If we do not serve Gau Mata ( Earth), everything will jeopardize. 

2 . Why do some people relate Gau Mata to cows?

       Ans: Gau Mata does mean cow. However, the cow is an economically-valued animal.                            Economically-valued animals aid a lot of prosperity in your life. So, you must save all the animals which are beneficial to enhance our economic growth. Besides,  you ought to protect not only cows but also all living beings.  


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