The Top Five Yoga in Summer

There is an adage through Billy Graham. Graham quotes that if you lose your health, you lose something in your life.   But, nowadays, if you lose your health, you lose everything in your life.  Summer   is a very challenging period to cool off your health and fitness as season flows one into another, and each season brings a set of changes. I have compiled the top 5 yoga tips this summer to keep your health dynamic and funky. As long as you have good health, nothing matters.

The Top 5 Yoga Approach to Keep You Healthy This Summer:

Here are the top 5 yoga techniques. If you practice them regularly, they keep your body and mind fit during the summer season.

Before practice of the Yoga technique, you need to be an empty stomach, take a half-bath (clean your hands, mouth, face, feet up to knee level, around the neck, and eyes. Wipe yourself with a towel and get ready to do the yoga tips to cool off yourself.

# 1: Breathing Technique: Sheetli  Yoga  Pranayam in Summer

Sheetli  Yoga  Pranayam is very beneficial to chill yourself. A yogi prefers to practice it on the bank of a pond or river. 

  • You take a position in Sukha Asana or Sidha Asana.
  • Your face needs to be towards the river or pond.
  • You take out your tongue and fold its either side upward the center.
  • You inhale your breath through the mouth, hold it for 15 to 30 seconds, and exhale through the nose.
  • Repeat it eight times.

You will notice that your body temperature has come down. You feel energized and brisker. 

You ought to practice it before sunrise.

  #2: Sheetkari  Yoga Pranayam in Summer Time:

The Sheetkari Pranayam is practiced during the summertime, on the riverbank, or ponds or lake before sunrise. Before beginning your yoga process, you must clean your bowel, wash your hands, mouth, face, feet, navel reason, and around the neck. Then wipe out with a towel. You have already finished your half- bath. Then, you need not wash your body before each Asanas, Pranayam, and Mudras.

How to Practice:

  • You sit in Sidha Asana.
  • With an open mouth, you need to clench your teeth and push the tongue against the enamel.
  • You inhale your breath like a whistling sound and hold it for 15 to 30 seconds.
  • You shut your mouth and exhale it through your nostrils normally.
  • Repeat it eight times.

The Sheetkari Yoga  Pranayam empowers you to have control over your thirst. With regular practice of the Pranayam, you develop resistance power to the hot sun. And you can live a long time without water. This Pranayam is beneficial for those who take up the adventurous task. If you are stuck somewhere without water, you can take the help of Sheetkari pranayam. This yoga protects you from dehydration. It immediately relaxes your body and mind.

You can apply the method for the transit period in case of an emergency. But you must drink water as it has no substitute.

#3: Tranquilize your nerves, body, and mind with Sahaj yoga Pranayam in summer


Whenever you face hot outside in summer, you get easily annoyed, lose your temper, and feel exhausted. It is Sahaj yoga Pranayam that tranquilizes your body and mind fit in summer. The practice of Sahaj yoga pranayam makes you feel joy on all your subtle points of energy. You, too, get good command over your mind.

After completion of your Sheetkari Yoga  Pranayam:

  • Sit in Sidhya Asana.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Imagine Supreme power around you.
  • Stop the right nose with your right thumb.
  • Inhale through the left nostril and exhale it out through your right nostril.
  • Immediately close your left nostril with your middle finger and breath in through your right nostril.
  • Exhale breathes through the left nostril.

It becomes your one round. Repeat three-round the first week.  Then, Increase one round each week up to five weeks. After five weeks, you repeat eight rounds to complete the Sahaj Yoga  Pranayam.

Sahaj Pranayam not only protects you from sunstroke in summer but also enhances your memory power. 

#4: Pranayam should always comply with Meditation.

Just after Pranayam, you should sit in Meditation. Meditation elevates your mind and fills you with bliss. In Pranayam, you detach your mind from your body. And in Meditation, you channelize it towards the innermost divine entity.

With deep Mediation, you gain a lot of mental peace that helps you lead to a calm and pleasant life in the summertime. 

How to do Meditation:

  • .Sit in lotus posture or Sidha Asana
  • .Give your mind a seat in between your eyebrows.
  • .Close your eyes.
  • .Enchant the name of any positive word. (The only divine name is supreme positive)
  • .Practice it for 20 minutes.

You will get a lot of benefits. However, Meditation is a subtle technique, and you must learn it from a Spiritual master.  

#5. In summer, you can practice light Yoga Asana.

Bhujnga Asana

If you are free from diseases, you can practice Sarvanga Asana, Matsya Mudra, Chakra Asana, Noaka Asan, Bhujnga Asana, and Padhasta Asana.

Just after the Asanas, You massage your body, and you must lie-down on Savasana for 3 minutes. Don’t come in direct contact with water for 10 minutes soon after Yoga Asana. You require a lonely place for yoga Asanas.

If you are free from diseases, you can practice Sarvanga Asana, Matsya Mudra, Chakra Asana, Noaka Asan, Bhujnga Asana, and Padhasta Asana.

Kids should avoid practicing Asanas.

Kids should not practice Asanas till the age of 12 years as, at this phase, the body glands systems grow naturally. Asana directly influences glands. So it might hamper its natural growth.

 After the complete growth of the glands, you must encourage children to practice Asanas. Meanwhile, the parents should guide their kids and children to do exercises.  I will discuss the kid’s fitness for the summer in my next blog.

In summary:

You can’t buy good health. You have to nurture it through good yoga practices, a healthy diet, and exercises.

In the summer season, physical work increases the bodily temperature. So you ought to avoid practicing higher  Asanas. If you want to practice Asanas, you need to practice Asanas early in the morning. If you could afford it, consume fruits, roots, leafy vegetables, and Yoghurt. You should drink lemon water with a bit of salt. Reduce your non-vegetarian and spicy food during summer.

If you feel any physical discomfort, get in touch with modern medical science as each method has its uniqueness.  High blood pressure patients should avoid doing Asanas. They can practice only Pranayam, Meditation, and Shavasan. Be safe and healthy in the summertime

Frequent Ask   Question.

How can I start the top 5 yoga in summer?

Ans:  You need to wake up early in the morning before sunrise. You finish your morning duty and go nearby a river or pond or lake. You sit on the bank of water bodies. The water bodies are not available. Go at the top of your roof and practice the Seetli, Sheetakari, Sahaj yoga Pranayam, and Yoga meditation. You can practice Asanas  and Shavasan at home,

Can I do sporting after top 5 Yoga in summer?

Ans: You can do exercises before the top 5 yoga steps. But you must maintain at least half an hour gap between exercises and Pranayam. To practice  Pranayam, you need to calm your state of mind.  As soon as you finish your sports, you lie down for 10 minutes on Shavasan. When the body calms down, you can practice all top 5 yoga in summer.

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