The Best Yoga Poses and Herbs for Healthy Heart

healthy heart

 The heart is the most important internal organ of the human body, and it works day and night to supply blood throughout the body. The modern era has changed the lifestyle of each human being. Consequently, the people take food untimely.  They consume oily and fried meals, face occupational sedentary in offices under deadline pressure of work. These lifestyles lead to cardiovascular problems such as chest pain, strong beating sound in the chest, respiration trouble, and trembling hands and arms as a symptom of heart diseases. So you must be very alert to care for your heart.  Yoga Poses and Herbs are the best remedies to keep you away from heart diseases. And the regular practices help you maintain your heart healthy.

       A Few Reasons in-Back-of Heart Diseases:         

Heart Beat

  • Taking excessive oily and animal products and not doing the corresponding physical work store fats in the nervous system.  As a result, the nervous systems are unable to support the heart, and it becomes weak.  Thus the accumulated fat prevents the flow of the blood fatally.
  • Consuming non-vegetarian food increases acidity in the blood, and the heart comes under pressure and works too hard to purify the blood.  Overwork of the heart leads to a heart problem
  • Eating an excessive amount of meals at one sitting expands your stomach, and it presses on the heart.  The heart becomes vulnerable
  • Extreme fear, shyness, and anger (ill-tempered) also lead to a heart attack.  Fearful, Angry, and shy people often have to be the victim of heart diseases.
  • Taking alcohol and an excessive amount of intoxicants cause constipation and increase acidity in the blood. The impact leads to weakening the entire glandular system in the body, and the heart becomes weak.
  • Suffering from chronic skin diseases, pneumonia, diabetes, and syphilis cause the heart to be vulnerable.  The heart becomes a failure.
  • Yoga is an ancient method. It encompasses the practices through a series of stretches, poses, and posture. It also includes meditation and breathing exercises ( Pranayam) to calm down the mind.

 British Heart Foundation recently prescribed Yoga Asana to people living with heart ailments.  The Foundation expressed:  Yoga can help you deal with distress and improve health as well as helping increase resilience, power, equipoise, and coordination. And it is beneficial for most heart patients.”

 Here are the lists of the best Yoga poses and Herbs for a Healthy Heart:

Yoga Mudra : ( Psychic Union Pose)

Yoga Mudra

  Yoga Mudra Pose is one of the best Asana for the longevity of life. It not only strengthens your heart but also helps you stay younger for a period of life. It boosts immune power and positive mental health. It also enhances stomach energy.

 How to do it:

  • · Take your seat either in Padmasana or Sukhasana.
  •     Close your eyes.
  •  Take back your right hand behind your body
  • Hold your left hand’s wrist with your right hand behind the bac
  •     Inhale and exhale a deep breath.
  • Bend forward, exhaling your breath, and touch the ground with your forehead
  •  Stay for 30 seconds
  •    Come back to the previous position.
  • Repeat it five times.

2. Bhujangasana (Cobra Posture):

Cobra Posture

Benefits: Cobra Posture is one of the best poses for the heart.  It enhances the strength of your heart and makes the upper back of the body flexible.

 It relieves your pain in the waist, neck, and shoulder and tones up your stomach.

How to do it

  •    Lay down on the support of your stomach with toes, flat on the ground
  •  Keep your sole upward and touch the floor with your forehead
  •   Set your legs close together while your feet touch each other
  • Bring your palms under your shoulders
  • Place your elbow alongside your body
  •    Inhale a deep breath slowly and lift your body, stomach, and head with the support of palms.
  • Touch the navel on the floor.
  • Stay for 30 seconds.
  • Come down exhaling to your original position.
  • Repeat it five times.

3. Gomukhasana (Cow Face Posture.

It invigorates your chest, hips, thigh, muscles of ankles, and shoulders.  If you’ve got a fluctuating mind, the practice of Gomukhasana will immediately set it. It reduces high blood pressure.

How to do it:

  • Sit erect, stretching your legs together in front of you.
  • Fold your right leg and put it under your left buttock.
  • Place your left knee over your right leg.
  • Lift your left hand over your head and bend your elbow.
  • Take your right hand behind your back and interlock both hands fingers.
  • Inhale and exhale a deep breath and stay for 30 seconds
  • Release your arms and unfold out crossed legs.
  • Repeat for the other side of your leg.
  • Complete three rounds. 

4.Padahastasana ( Hand to Foot Posture)


Benefits: Padahastasana nourishes the digestive system and helps your bowels clear. It invigorates your heart. It improves metabolism. It also increases your vital energy.

How to do it:

  • Stand erect, feet together, and hands-on on either side of your body.
  • Fall the weight of the body evenly on both feet.
  • Exhale your breath, bend forward, hold your toes, and touch the knees with your forehead.
  • Keep your legs and knees straight.
  • Come back to the original position.
  • Stay for 30 seconds.
  • Repeat it five times.

5. Vayavii Pranayam :

Vayavii Pranayam

Benefits: Vayavii Pranayam is beneficial for heart patients as it strengthens the heart and lungs. You develop your concentration power.  The rule is you focus your mind on the middle of the chest. And be in Kumbhak.  If you practice it regularly, you don’t face any respiratory disorder and never die of respiratory problems.

How to do it:

  • Stand erect with feet together and place hands on either side of your body.
  • Let the weight of the body fall evenly on both feet.
  • Lift your hands and press the middle fingers on both nipples.
  • Inhale a deep breath and hold it for 15 seconds.
  • Exhale your breath.
  • Come to normal position.
  • Repeat it four times.

        6. Shava Asana: (Corpse posture)

Corpse Posture

How to do it:

  • Lie on the back, stretching your leg open with the arms about 45 degrees from your body.
  • Close your eyes and focus your mind on the infinite energy that surrounds you.
  • Inhale and exhale deep breaths through your nose and relax your whole body.
  • Immerse your body and mind into a deeper state of rest.
  • Remain in this position for 5 to 10 minutes.

Benefits of Shavasana: The yoga practitioner needs to lie on Shavasana at the end of yoga practices.  The practice brings freshness to your body and mind and relieves you from fatigue, anxiety, stress, and depression. Heart patients need to have complete rest.  So the critical heart- the patient should lie down in Shavasana all the time.

A few Health guidelines for heart diseases

When your heart ailment is critical, you ought to keep away from  Asanas and Mudras except for Savasana.

After having an improvement in heart disorder, you should begin to practice the Asanas and Mudras. Heart patients should not sleep in the daytime. Take rest 8 to 9 hours in the night and retire to bed by 8:30 pm.

  You ought to practice yoga poses on an empty stomach early in the morning after finishing your morning duty.   Before beginning yoga poses, you could have a warm-up program, walking for 10 to 15 minutes.  After the warm-up, you should lie on shavasana for five minutes to relax your body. Now, you can begin yoga poses. 

It is better to practice yoga in a lonely room. You should not touch water up to 10 minutes after yoga poses.

Herbs and Diet for a Heart Patient


  • Heart patients should consume alkaline food. In a critical situation, you take the milk and fruit juice of the orange.  You can take honey with water.
  • You can take Juice of spinach from time to time. When improving your health,  you can take boiled rice in small quantities with leafy vegetables
  • You should not eat heavy meals in one sitting.  You ought to eat a small quantity of rice or roti.  You should avoid a rich diet and don’t add extra salt to your meal.    You can take tomato and   Pomegranate juice as it is also healthy-heart fruit juice. You should avoid rich food and don’t add extra salt.

Herbs for a Healthy heart: 

  • Green tea: It is beneficial for the heart.  In a recent study, researchers have found significant benefits in green tea for a healthy heart. Heart Patients must take five to six cups per day.

Take one spoonful of big cardamom- powder with honey and consume in the morning and night before going to bed. It gives you an excellent result.


:  On the whole, with regular practice of yoga Asana, you can make a difference in improving your heart health. Simultaneously, following diets and herbs, you decrease the risk of a cardiovascular problem and achieve a healthy heart.  Yoga is the best way to lower the risk of hypertension, stroke, and heart diseases.

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