Yogic Lofty Natures for an Ideal Society

The collective psychology of the world is in the transformational phase. So, the social reformers, thinkers, world leaders, and scientists have a question of doubting present values for their unsuccessful way of dealing with things and raise questions in their minds ‘what should be the paradigm of lofty nature or higher values. ‘

However, the progress in science and technology in the past 100 years has brought a revolutionary change contributing to better health care, a higher lifestyle, a high standard of living, higher education for billions of people, and the fastest conveniences in life. Despite all, we face environmental pollution, the fastest exhaustion of natural resources, moral degradation, and economic disparity in people living; For example, a group of people enjoys advantages abundantly, and another class of people struggles for a square meal a day. So, we can say that the misapplication of science, information technology, and economic distribution has caused misery to both environment and the public. Consequently, the situation has compelled scientists and reformists worldwide to look at the lofty nature that can deal with the use of science and technological knowledge for the welfare of all without causing environmental and social destruction.

Dynamics of Yogic Lofty Natures


Our ancient Tantra -Yoga have Yama and Niyam .These are transformational tools and have proved as the best experimented Yogic lofty nature or higher human values to keep the proper balance between the progress of human beings and the progress of science. The Yogic Lofty Natures can also work for comfort and the attainment of human happiness.

So, the best way to imbibe the universal Yogic lofty nature (Yama and Niyam), the world community must follow the listed noble principles of Yogic Lofty Natures below.

 The ways of right living 


Yogic lofty natures are a set of 10 universal ethics. These are Non -violence, Truth, Non- stealing, the observance of Brahma, non-possessive, Cleanliness, contentment, Physical hardship, the study of good literature with proper understanding, and Surrender to Divinity.

Our ancestors named the set of first yogic external five lofty natures as Yama (controlled conduct):  Below are the lists of five higher values.

      Non- violence

One should not inflict any agony or harm on any alive things by thought, words, and action.

  •  Truth: One needs to use humane words and thought. 
  •  Non-Stealing: One must give up the desire or detain the property of others.
  •  Observance of Divinity: One must keep one’s thinking soaked in divinity. 
  •  Non- Possessive: One must dedicate everything except the preservation of the physical body.

Niymas are a set of the second Yogic internal Lofty natures or human values:  

  • Cleanliness: Cleanliness is of two types. The first one is to clean the physical body and surroundings. The second aspect is to attain mental purity showing compassion towards all creatures and doing charity for helpless and homeless people.
  •  Contentment: One must be cheerful in all situations.
  • Physical Hardship: One must undergo physical suffering for the welfare of lower beings and attainment of divinity. For students, the study is the Tapah or physical hardship.
  • Study with proper understanding: The study of scriptures and philosophical books comes under this category. For illiterate people, Spiritual Satsanga (Company) and listen to the discourses with proper understanding.
  • Surrender to Divinity: One must have sturdy faith in Divine force in pain or pleasure and think of you always as the medium of Divine power.  

The Yogic Lofty Natures for the Progress of Science

The more a person adopts the Yogic Lofty Natures or higher human values, the better he utilizes the inner potentialities for the progress of science and technology. Subsequently, the Yogic Lofty Nature helps the researchers focus on the depth of research for the welfare of entire humanity. It cultivates the feeling of righteousness, freedom, benevolence, justice, safety, and a desire with sincerity, honesty, integrity, dedication at research work in a person for the progress of science and technology with a positive attitude. As a result, science can exponentially enhance the balanced- progress of human society. 

The Yogic Lofty Nature (Yama and Niyama ) Instills Ethics in Kids 

There is a belief that to erect any structure, you must lay a strong foundation. Similarly, for a strong and higher human-valued society, the kids are our solid foundation. If you can instill the Yogic Lofty Nature in kids from the very beginning, you can build a better and valued social order. The higher human values can bring the children close to nature. Consequently, the kids develop respect and love for nature and the ability to conserve natural resources. The youngsters grow to be Nature friendly. The feeling of benevolence blooms in them when they grow up. The kids develop a sense of responsibility and contribute sincere services to the parents, elders, needy, and deserving people. The Yogic Lofty Nature of seeing divinity and taking shelter mentally in Supreme Controller eradicates all the slender feelings. So, the kids develop patriotic feelings and universal love. 

The effect of Yogic Lofty Nature on Global Outlook: 

With the adoption of Lofty Yogic Nature, scientific expertise will bring psychological transformation around the globe. The higher human values will cast distinct characters in all people and all nations worldwide. 


The Yogic Lofty Nature will maintain the harmony between the development of individual and collective beings. As a result, the arms race will reduce. So, there could be much less crime and violence. The people will develop coordinated cooperation. The nations will minimize the defense budget on the security forces. 


Science and technology will work for the welfare of the entire human society. Science will achieve freedom for its all times highest development. The restriction to move from one place to another place will be without panic and with minimum restriction. All the narrow ideas will diminish, and a Neo-humanistic feeling will spread. The tendency to exploitation will decrease, and the service–mindedness will grow. The people will have modest living and not waste things. The proper use of everything will prosper abundant wealth around the globe. So, the Governments will reduce the working of people. The Yogic Lofty Nature will guide the people to devote their precious leisure time to spirituality, art, science, and studies. The people will develop aesthetic science and love for everything in the creation. Nature will become pure and clean. Ultimately, it will lead to mitigating the climate change.

How the Yogic Lofty Natures (Yam and Niyam ) protect world happiness:

Photo by Misha Voguel on Pexels.com

The innate nature of the human mind is to attain infinite happiness, and each people seek this standard of life through name, fame, wealth, power. The people put all their efforts into these qualities for pleasure and comforts, but they fail to achieve unlimited happiness. So the quench of the mind remains unfulfilled. Despite all their wealth, prosperity, They suffer from worries, frustration, tension, and reaction. All material objects have their limitation and cannot fulfill the unlimited desire of the human mind. It needs an infinite entity to quench its mental thirst. So the Supreme Consciousness is only the unlimited Entity.


 When the human mind holds the Supreme Consciousness, it attains an ocean of happiness, and mental thirst gets quenched. You become the happiest person in the world. For Example, Indian great sages have abandoned worldly pleasure and comforts and achieved the state of unlimited happiness through the Yogic Lofty Nature. And they devoted their precious time to the service of humanity. 


So the Yogic Lofty Nature guides a person on how to deal with the world and individual self. It does not allow you to hurt nature and living beings. The Yogic Lofty Natures expands your mind in a 360-degree dimension and goads you to witness divinity in everything. It makes you realize that everything is the manifestation of Supreme Consciousness. Hence, It is crystal clear that the Yogic Lofty Nature can also guide science for the welfare of humanity and world peace.  

The seed of an Ideal society in the Yogic Lofty Natures 

All great Socio -spiritual reformers like Lord Budha, Vardhman Mahavir, Gurunanak, Kabir spoke more or less on the Yogic Lofty Natures ( Yama and Niyama), Jesus Christ also emphasized on Charity, The great Indian Philosopher P R Sarkar elaborates precisely and comprehensively the Yogic Lofty Nature in his book ‘A Guide to Human Conduct, and with these noble qualities foresees the seed of an Ideal society and well-knit lifestyle in the globe.  


Modern Science alone cannot sort out the existing -crisis across the world. Each nation needs concerted effort to implement the Yogic Lofty Natures that are rich human values globally. With the Yogic Lofty Nature or human values, only we can use scientific knowledge to enhance the progress of science and information technology, eliminate human miseries, and mitigate climate change across the globe. In this way, we can ensure safe, secure, and sustainable Peace in life. 

 So the education system must introduce moral education with traditional education. Simultaneously, each nation must establish a center for research of ethical guidelines that how the lofty nature could develop right from childhood. In this regard, the united nation can play a pivotal role globally by setting up such institutions with multilateral agreements amongst countries.


Q1:What is the yogic Lofty Nature?

A. The Yogic Lofty Natures are a set of 10 universal ethics.They are Non -violence, Truth, Non- stealing, thinking of Brahma ( Supreme Consciousness), non-possessive, Cleanliness, contentment, Physical hardship, studying with proper understanding, and taking shelter in divinity.

Q2. How can I follow the Yogic Lofty Natures?

A.The Yogic Lofty Natures are human behavior. Once you start following these universal ten ethics, it empowers you with willpower and self-confidence. A person, after being established in Yogic Lofty Natures, all the obstacles of life get automatically eliminated, and lifestyle turns to be peaceful. 

Q3. Are the Yogic Lofty Natures religious principles?

A. No, they’re moral principles. The yogic Lofty Natures guide the human being to tread on the right path. The person gets controlled conduct to deal with living and non –living beings and becomes nature friendly.

Q. 4. How can the Yogic Lofty Natures mitigate climate change?

A.It promotes you to cause no damage to the environment and enables you to use the natural resources properly according to the need. You develop compassion for people, animals, plants, and the environment. You apply soothing balm and heal the damaged environment.  

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