Benefits of Yogic Meditation

 Ancient Indian Yogic Meditation has been a secret yogic science and institutional wisdom of Indian sages. Most importantly, with the new studies, the researchers have confirmed that the regular practice of yogic meditation has neurological benefits, reduces anxiety and depression, and improves your attention, concentration, and mental well-being. In addition,  Yogic Meditation also guides you on how to think in the right direction, and in this way, you can keep away from psychic diseases.

To clarify that mental disease emanates due to disorder in the process of subjectivization. For instance, some people create the same image on their mental plate; it happens out of fear or weakness; it is a kind of mental disease. Medical science identified it as Mania.

 It is a disease of the mind, not of the brain. So, right-thinking is necessary, and Yogic Meditation teaches you the technique. So,   psychic and brain problems are two different things. Meditation also helps preserve your aging brain.

The Effect of Meditation Primarily through the Nerve Fibers

Before starting meditation, you must sanctify the physical body with good food, good thoughts, and good action. Most importantly, the first blissful realization of Yogic Meditation comes through the afferent and efferent nerves.

But when you delve deeper into Yogic Meditation, the highest realization does not rest on the nerve system.

In this State of mind, without nerve fibers, you experience mental peace that flows without any disturbances in your mind, and you remain in divine ecstasy all the time. 

So, the practitioner of Yogic Meditation must have good food and self-restraint, and you should select the food that favors the proper impact on your body, mind, and spirit. 

Human beings should not eat whatever they get, and it is not proper for human beings and animals to discriminate in their food selection. So, the holiness of the body is a must for Yogic Meditation.

How to Do the Yogic Meditation

You should consult a Yoga Acharya who is well–trained in the technique. You can learn from a government-affiliated Yoga institute trainer for physical or psychic benefits.

 It is better that you should learn Yogic Meditation under the guidance of a self-realized Yoga Acharya or followers who are well-trained and qualified under a self-realized spiritual master. The proper guidance will only bring benefits to a yogic practitioner.

Below is the Introductory Process of Yogic Meditation for Beginners . 

You practice Yogic Meditation twice a day in the morning and evening after a bath or a half bath. 

  • Select a lonely place 
  • Sit in lotus posture.
  • Keep your body erect but comfortably.
  • Fold your tongue upwards.
  • Close your eyes
  • Take deep breathing 
  • Stay focused on your breathing. 
  • Place your mind in between the eyebrows.
  • Imagine that you are within the ocean of bliss.
  • Feel that the ocean of bliss surrounds you, and you slowly merge in it. 
  • The mind may float in a different direction but draw it to the point and plunge into imagination. 
  • Remain in the state for 10 to 15 minutes initially, then slowly open your eyes and place your palm on your face for two to three seconds and now relax your hands and body. Take a slow walk for two to three minutes, and afterward, you can take your food or breakfast. 

For the introductory Meditation, there is no age limit. A child of 5 years and the old- aged 90 years can practice.   

However, you practice Yogic Meditation under a perfect spiritually –realized master.

Psycho physical benefits of Yogic Meditation

Enhancement in the Degree of Intelligence

With the routine practice of Yogic meditation twice a day, you will experience progress covering such as physical health, mental strength, brain functioning, academic performance, and professional performance.

In addition, you increase your I Q level,   creative thinking, practical intelligence, and reasoning capability in a novel situation, known as fluid intelligence. Fluid intelligence means the ability to think abstractly and reason quickly to solve a problem in real time.

Lower Your Professional and Academic Stress 

With regular Yogic Meditation, you reduce your academic and professional stress. Subsequently, you develop better concentration, high growth in mental alertness, the ability to resist mental tension during the examination, and acquire resilience in the face of professional adversity. 

Enable You to Keep Restraint over Ashta Pash ( Eight Fetters )and Sadripu (Six Enemies)

With the constant practice of Yogic Meditation, you can maintain restraint on Astpash and Sadripu.

Ashtapash (Eight Fetters) comprises hatred, shame, fear, shyness,  backbiting, vanity of lineage, cultural superiority complex, and egotism.

Sadripu (Six Enemies) consists of Longing of the worldly object, Anger, Greed, Attachment, Pride, and Jealousy. 

The eight bondages and the six enemies of the mind always prevent you from attaining anything good or higher in your life. The Yogic Meditation helps you keep restraint on Astapash and Sadripu. 

Enhance Your Academic and Professional Performance

Yogic Meditation enhances your academic and professional performance. You work more efficiently with better concentration. You remain pleasant dealing with any condition at home, school, or workplace. You do your duty happily and achieve better professional or academic output.   

Decrease Your Depression and Worries

 Regular practice of Yogic Meditation reduces your depression and anxiety level. And Meditating professionals or academicians are 48 percent less depressed than non-meditation professionals or academicians.

Moreover, Positive hormones secrete throughout the day because of meditation. Thus, you lead a peaceful and happy life.

Improve Ability to Focus

 Meditating professionals and academicians have shown a remarkable 50 percent decrease in worries, depression, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ( ADHD) symptoms. Yogic Meditation has an exceedingly good impact on calming down the mind. As a result, you develop a strong ability to focus on any task you accomplish.  

ADHD is one of the most common mental disorder in childhood, and it begins from childhood and continues till adulthood.  

  The ADHD patient may not pay proper attention, have impulsive behavior, memory loss, talk too much, daydream, have difficulty with others, restlessness, etc. 

So, a practitioner of Yogic Meditation can trigger a positive chain of development and focus on work for a lengthy period. 

Improves Brain Stability and Efficiency

Yogic Meditation makes the brain sharper and a balanced state of the unit mind. Intense Yogic Meditation brings changes in the brain fibers in connection with controlling behavior and emotion and enhances better cognitive and intellectual accomplishment.

Protect You from Usual Addiction.

With the regular practice of Yogic Meditation, you develop willpower and attain peace of mind. As a result, you give up consumption of alcohol, and you drop all types of intoxicants such as drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, prescription medications, and even food that are alcoholic.

 Hence, Meditation prevents you from indulging in any crime

Make You Self-disciplined

For any academic or professional glory, you need to be highly disciplined. If you are regular in Yogic Meditation, it helps you be a disciplined person in your personal and social life. You become punctual and honest in your profession.

Reduction in the Risk of Heart Disease

In the busy world, people often suffer from hypertension. The practice of meditation regularly decreases your blood pressure, worries, tension, reaction, and depression. It also helps you function your life peacefully and free from hypertension.

A study showed that meditating persons have a 52 percent lower risk of increasing hypertension than non-meditating persons.

The regular practice of Yogic Meditation helps you protect from cardiovascular diseases

The Mind Expands and Makes Your Life Pleasant and Full of Self-confident

A meditating person moves towards a subtler to subtlest stages of his mind and explores the innermost latent potentialities within him.

Subsequently, Yogic meditation helps the mind reach the peak of perfection. 

Similarly, it also develops the ability, self-esteem, and emotional competence. Consequently, you gain self-confidence and pleasant life.


Today, Yogic Science is playing a substantial role in rebuilding a new concept of social order, and people lead a healthy yogic lifestyle in many countries.

Yoga does not confine to physical exercises, but it is the ultimate cult of science to establish unison with God regardless of caste, creed, color, religion, and nation. So, Yogic Meditation is necessary to lead a healthy, happy, and confident life. For a higher level of Yogic Meditation, you need a spiritual master to guide you throughout your journey.


Q1. What is the eligibility to learn Yogic Meditation?

A.Yogic Meditation does not require any educational qualification. The only eligibility is to have a human body to do the Yogic Meditation.

Q2. Is there any age limit for Yogic Meditation?

A.There is no specific age limit. A child between 5 and 90 years old man can start yogic Meditation.

Q3. Why do we need a Yogic Meditation?

A. Yogic Meditation is necessary to keep you physically fit, mentally strong, and spiritually elevated. Human life is precious, and we must maintain its existence ahead of our life journey. If you don’t practice yogic meditation, there remains a chance of losing human existence and may fall back to the animalic life in the next birth. 

Q4. Can you name schools of Yogic Meditation from where we can learn?

The best yogic institutions are Yogoda Satsang, Ananda Marga Pracharak Samgha, Ramakrishna Mission, Sri Ramana Maharshi Asharam, The Art of Living, Deoghar Satsang  Sri Thakur  Anukul Chandra, Bihar school of yoga, etc. You can visit their official sites or consult the office directly

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