How to Identify a True Yogic Guru

When you need to learn something, you look for a teacher who will impart the knowledge that you desire to gain. Similarly, a seeker needs to look for the most qualified and knowledgeable person in the particular area you are curious to know. 

The great expert naturally attracts you, and you pay your deep respect to such personalities. Most importantly, Spirituality is intrinsically subtle and challenging to achieve.

Hence, for a spiritual seeker, it is significant to meet a true yogic Guru (spiritual master) who is capable of spiritual development and makes him self-realized. The spiritual master can raise his latent divinity i. e Kula Kundalini power in a spiritual seeker and help him attain divinity.

Subsequently, it concerns with seeker how to identify a True Yogic Guru who can help you to achieve the spirituality. If you have an intense desire and sincerity to attain liberation, you will meet a True Yogic Guru. Similarly, a famous Sufi saying, “seek, and ye shall be found

Categories of Yogic Gurus

Scriptures classify yoga Gurus in three categories:

Adham Guru (inferior)

Adham Guru is that inferior category of Guru who will intelligibly initiate you and make you his disciple. He will deliver speeches but never bother you with your spiritual development.

Once in a year, he will come to you to inquire and ask for some donations. Adham Guru will never guide you spiritually. On the other hand,  he will ask about your family and contributions to himself and go away.

Madhyam Guru(Mediocre)

Madham Guru (Mediocre) imparts little spiritual practices when he meets you. He will inquire about your spiritual practice. Madhaym Guru would also visit you once or twice a year. He may ask you to do meditation and his Dakshina (donation) and go away. He will never follow up with his disciple and keep monitoring him. As a result, fruitful spiritual elevation does not take place

Uttam Guru or Sadguru (Superior Guru)

Uttam Guru or Sadguru ( Suprior) . Sadguru is the highest Guru. Gu means darkness, and Ru means light. The entity that can dispel your mental darkness and illuminate it with spiritual effulgence is Sadguru. Utama Guru or Superior Guru takes painstaking efforts and care that His disciple or spiritual seeker follows His preaching sincerely. Uttamguru also creates circumstantial pressure to make him practice honestly. Satguru or Utaam Guru remains Himself not only in spirituality but also guides his disciple on every level of existence physically, mentally, and spiritually until the attainment of spirituality. 

Qualities of  a True Yogic Guru (Sadguru)

The scripture of Tantra-Yoga explains the qualities of Sadguru clearly. Moreover, the Tantra gives supreme importance to Guru.  Tantra-Yoga explains a True Yogic Guru.

Sadguru would be Calm, self-controlled, modest, pure in thought, scholarly in the spiritual science of practices, and perfect knowledge in Tantra and Mantra. He also sets exemplary in the guide, highest in astute, fully established in spirituality, a married person with honest means of livelihood,  and the ability to love and correct His disciple. 

Finally, He must be able to raise the Kundalini of others and His own. One who can elevate one’s Kundalini(divinity)  with the grace of Guru is called a koala. Thus who can raise the Kulakundalini of others, and His own is Mahakoal. He can also demonstrate the Divine form of  Parampurush in  His disciple. That is why the Devotees address Him as Mahakoal.

A True Yogic Guru (Sadguru or Mahakoal )

  Mahakoal never dies.   The physical body death is simply a formal to follow the natural norms of His creation and is merely a Drama. 

Most importantly, His elevated disciple can talk, see and take guidance from Him even after His physical departure.

 A True Yogic Guru always guides His disciple, and He is immortal.

He keeps total control over Avidya Maya and Vidya Maya. So, Not a single leaf of grass can move without Sadguru’s will.        

His traveling is quite mysterious, and it is hard for a  devotee to know His nature of working. He is a mystery.

He is the only authority to grant Moksha.   Hence, Scripture says Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnu, Gurudev Maheswara, Gurushakshat Param Brahma.

Need of A True Yogic Guru

The spiritual aspirant advances on the spiritual path and faces many obstacles and pitfalls. He is already within the bondage of Maya, and Guru is above Maya; the spiritual aspirants cannot make themselves free from bondage and attain salvation or liberation.

 A true Yogic Guru has already established in Spirituality, and so only He can guide a seeker on the spiritual path.

Sadguru never dies even after He has left His mortal body. The Physical body is insignificant to them.

  A true Yogic Guru can continue to bless the spiritual aspirants without a physical body.  

He can appear as usual whenever the spiritual follower demands His presence. For example, the spiritual aspirants can talk with Lord Shiva and Krishna even today. The disciple of Sri Sri Anukul Chandra Thakur and Sri Sri Ananda Murti Ji can also relate, see and take guidance from Sadguru( (Parampurush). 

There are many Brahmagyanis who can communicate with Prampurush. So the Great spiritualists are the savior of the universe.

Physical Importance of a True Yogic Guru

When a Sadguru exists physically, He can assist the spiritual seeker and followers more. Even ordinary Sadhak can meet Him and take His Guidance. But, in the case of physical departure, only an elevated Sadhka can establish communication with Him directly. But Sadguru communicates Himself to the ordinary Sadhak through some developed physical body of a Sadhak. If you have strong faith in Him, He will guide you through various means after He has abandoned His Physical Body. He can also travel through the developed human body and render benevolence to the world.

Summary:Human life is the most precious in this world and lives for a short period. Scriptures say that Human life comes after the births of 84 lakh Yoni. So, you must utilize the opportune moment of human birth for spiritual attainment and seek a True Yogic Guru. A True Yogic Guru can lead and establish you in the realm of spirituality and enjoy spiritual Bliss.


Q1.Why do you require a true Yogic Guru?

A. you are so taken up by the thoughts of materialism that you don’t understand the significance of spirituality. A true Yogic Guru holds your hand and guides you on your spiritual journey. He protects you throughout your life and helps you to attain your Supreme Goal of Spirituality. He dispels all your mental darkness and illuminates your life with Divine effulgence

Q2.How to find a True Yogic Guru?

A.When you cultivate a tremendous desire for Him or Liberation. A true Yogic Guru descends before you and takes hold of your hands, and He leads you on your Spiritual path.

Q3. Can I change My Guru?

A.   You can change your Guru until you meet Sadguru (aTrue Yogic Guru). Sadguru is the final Guru. Therefore, after meeting Sadguru, you need not change your Guru.

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