Yoga for the Unification of the Psychic Duality

Yoga for unification has become significant to overcome the Strain between the inner self and outer self, the existing problem of the century. Most importantly, when you divert yourself in many directions every day but your core value does not match with your behavior leads to psychic duality. As a result, you face stress, tension, worries, conflict, and reaction, broken, depleted, exhausted, depressed, miserable, and lonely. The imbalance between the outer self and inner self is the cause of many psychic problems in the present time.

Illustration of Duality

After busy work, you have come to your house, and suddenly, your authority arrives at your home. Naturally, you will welcome him, ask him to come in and sit down, and request him to take something. 

Subsequently, Outside you will butter up, but inside you will say, how disturbing that he came, and how will he quit the place? 

 In all these behavior of your shows: you have two (I’s) inside you.  

One is inside, and the other is outside, which deals with the action of the outside world. But do you think your authority understands you? In the case of Inner self (I), you know it very well, but others do not have the exact information about it. It is what duality means. 

It creates a lot of predicaments in life. So, Yoga teaches you the technique how to resolve the issue of duality.  

Duality is the biggest Problem of the Present Century:

The existence of dual personality in the same human being is a grave defect. The duality creates a gap between your two I’s.

The wider is the gap between your two selves. The bigger is your psychic suffering. Most importantly, in the current century, you notice a distance between the inner and outer selves. So the increasing gap is responsible for the non-adjustment of these two I’s. As a result, you find a large number of mentally unbalanced people. So, it is a big problem of the present Century, and you need a balance for holistic healing through Tantra-Yoga between the inner and outer self.

What is the Outer Self? 

The outer self is anything you offer to the world, and you share your feeling depending on what your authority expect from you during the job. Usually, you try to present your best to please your officer despite your unwillingness. Troubles arise when you force yourself to do the obligatory at the expense of your true passion. So, the outer self means it relates to material things and what class you associate with and dealing with the demands of the institution, work, and home life. It is the need of the present external world. You have minimum time to adjust to outside desires and inside feelings. It is how you suffer from duality.  

What is the Inner Self?

The Inner Self is your thought, interest, values, faiths, sentiments, spirituality, and aim. The Inner Self deals with your emotion and awareness.

In addition, you develop a positive sense of values and aims in your life. It helps you increase your peaceful and flexible lifestyle in adversity. 

 When you concentrate on these aspects, you feel that you are evolving an inner strength to take forward through the phase of ups and downs in your life. 

Disagreement between Inner and Outer Self

The troubles arise when disagreement takes place between the inner and the outer self, leading to a conflict or imbalance. 

    The mismatch appears when you think to do something but do something different against your will. 

   The greater the difference, the wider the gap between your two’ Is”. The Inner I does not match with the activities of the outer I. The disagreements ultimately give rise to stress in your mind. Subsequently, it is damaging to your health, mind, and spirituality. In the state of mental imbalance, you need to address the issues, and you must think and take help from a mental health professional that could align with your core inner self. You could emerge as a mentally sound personality. 

Unification through the Art of Yoga from Duality:

To get rid of duality, you need peace of mind, and peace of mind is always subjective. After attaining the state of subjectivity, you have to be a one-pointed mind. Yogic Meditation is a technique known as Meditation. Yogic Mediation is the only way to transform yourself into a state of subjectivity.

       When you practice Yogic Meditation, your mind becomes one; you are one at this point. As a result, Yogic Mediation helps you experience bliss, inner joy, and peace.

 The peace of mind unifies the inner and outer self into one. Finally, your mental duality vanishes, and you become one.

How to Learn Meditation

You can approach any yogic professional who has self-realization in Yoga, and you can learn the technique of Yogic Meditation. With the regular practice of yogic meditation, you resolve your entire mental problem, and you would be able to establish yourself as an Ideal human being in society.  

How to Do Primary Meditation

  • Select a lonely place and sit down on a mat.
  • Sit in cross leg lotus pose or Sukhasan.
  • Shut your eyes.
  • Inhale deeply and exhale slowly.
  • Place your mind between eyebrows.
  • Imagine that infinite happiness surrounds you.
  • Focus your thoughts on a light point.
  • Remain for 10 minutes.
  • Break your meditation slowly.
  •  Massage your face gently with your palm.

To sum up:

 Duality is the root cause of mentally unbalanced people in the present world. To clarify, Yoga Meditation is the only panacea to establishing oneness between the inner and outer self. For Internal Purity, you do meditation, but for external adjustment, you must develop honesty, friendship, and helpfulness. Regular practice helps you unify into one. Thus you attain health, well-being, and peace in your life.


Q.1. what is the root cause of psychic duality?

A.Lack of adjustment between inner feeling and outer feeling activities, the mind gets divided. As a result, you develop Psychic duality.

Q2. Does Psychic Duality affect our health?  

A. When you struggle with a conflict means the clash between the inner- self and outer- self. As a result, it affects mental health problems. You know it as a psychosomatic problem. So, you must be watchful of the reason for conflict. 

Q3. How can I overcome the psychic duality?

A. One-pointed mind is Joy, and a divided mind is misery. Yogic Meditation is the technique to overcome psychic duality. You can learn it from any Yoga expert yogic meditation teacher.

Q4. How long do you take to recover from psychic duality?

A.To unify your inner self with your outer self into one, they do not unify so easily. However, it takes persistent effort to focus on meditation, and you find that your inner and outer selves are balanced. If the defects lie in the brain, then consider meeting mental health professional.

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