Yoga and Natural Remedies for Post -COVID- 19 Patients

Yoga and Natural remedies are at an all-time high in demand to boost your immune power during COVID-19 pandemic and in terms of the post-Covid recovery phase. Post-Covid patients require mental purity all the time. Meditation Purifies your mind.

Top Seven Yoga to Boost Strong Immunity

Medical research suggests that to counter the viruses, you must improve your immune system. Yoga is the way to boost your immune system naturally.  It enhances your immune system- strong and helps you preserve the immunity while you’re at home during the lockdown.

Yoga to Cure Blood Pressure with Diet and Herbal Treatment

High Blood pressure puts you at risk of heart problems and stroke. You should not neglect high blood pressure. Yoga is an ancient, safe,and natural process to control high blood pressure.

The Best Yoga Asana and Natural Remedies for Weight Loss

The best yoga Asanas natural remedies, and Yoga diet help you lose weight and keep you in shape.
Regular Yoga Practices keep you free from mental stress and assist you to lead a very lively, energetic,and happy life.

The Top Five Yoga in Summer

if you lose your health, you lose something in your life.   But, nowadays, if you lose your health, you lose everything in your life.Summer   is a very challenging period to cool off your health .I have compiled the top 5 yoga tips this summer to keep your health dynamic and funky.

The True Meaning of Gau Mata and Gau Seva in India

The Gua Mata is a famous phrase in India.  The people in large numbers attached to the term ‘Gau Mata’ and pay reverence to it. So you must know the meaning of Gau Mata.       The Definition of Gau Mata and Gau Seva:  What is Mata? Mata is a Sanskrit word.   The etymological meaning ofContinue reading “The True Meaning of Gau Mata and Gau Seva in India”

Lord Shiva’s Contribution to Human Society

The primitive people had started worshiping external forces since the earliest time.  Subsequently, they developed the concept of ghosts and spirits that resulted in faith and religion. The worshiper of external forces, Aryans took over many parts of India into their control as outsiders. During this phase of the conflict, Lord Shiva was born toContinue reading “Lord Shiva’s Contribution to Human Society”