Yoga for the Unification of the Psychic Duality

The existence of dual personality in the same human being is a grave defect. The duality creates a gap between your two I’s.So, it is a big problem of the present Century, and you need a balance for holistic healing through Tantra-Yoga between the inner and outer self.

How to Identify a True Yogic Guru

it is significant to meet a true yogic Guru (spiritual master) who is capable of spiritual development and makes him self-realized. The spiritual master can raise his latent divinity i. e Kula Kundalini power in a spiritual seeker and help him attain divinity.

Benefits of Yogic Meditation

Before starting meditation, you must sanctify the physical body with good food, good thoughts, and good action. Most importantly, the first blissful realization of Yogic Mediation comes through the afferent and efferent nerves.

Yogic Mysticism

 The Yogic mysticism expresses more subtly, and it moves from subtle to subtler, and subsequently, it reaches the peak point, and it is the excellence of human glory. 

       Yogic Lofty Natures for an Ideal Society

The Yogic Lofty Nature will guide the people to devote their precious leisure time to spirituality, art, science, and studies. The people will develop aesthetic science and love for everything in the creation. Nature will become pure and clean. Ultimately, it will lead to mitigating the climate change.

How Yogic Yamas and Niyams to Mitigate Global Climate Change

The weaknesses of humans gave rise to global warming and climate change. To mitigate the climate change, you must adopt new environment habits. .Yogic Yamas and Niyamas offer you the proper solution to these entire behavioral crises. It sets your life through guiding principles.

Top Seven Yoga to Boost Strong Immunity

Medical research suggests that to counter the viruses, you must improve your immune system. Yoga is the way to boost your immune system naturally.  It enhances your immune system- strong and helps you preserve the immunity while you’re at home during the lockdown.


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